Explore the power of Virtual Reality

VR Center

A space to explore games and other worlds using the latest and greatest VR- equipment from companies like HTC Vive, Oculus and playstation.

Bring your friends, colleagues or family to challenge, compete and maybe even get scared.

Business Center

Mission IX work closely with businesses, research and development partners.

We offer companies to explore industry use cases, talk trends,
show the latest products and services - a cooperation with our industry professionals network.

Innovation Center

Together with innovation partners we cater to a community and ecosystem for future growth of the industry.

With the help of partners like KTH, Sting and Software developers we will push the boundaries of VR as a medium.

 Our Mission

Our Mission

At Mission IX we want to give access to a wide array of high-end Virtual Reality experiences. Our mission is to accelerate innovation, research and education within the VR field.

At Mission IX you are able to connect with the sharpest researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs. We will support business innovators and the best VR hardware and software companies to bring us the VR inventions of the future.

Explore, Educate and Evolve through VR - for consumers and the industry.


Viktor Peterson
CEO & Co-Founder
Anders Nilsson
Jonathan Tiedtke
Founder & CTO
William Bursvik
VR Center Manager
Aiden Yun
Head of operations
Zachary Walsky
Head of Marketing and Social media

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